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What We Do

Think Zero LLC supports businesses in their waste reduction journey. Whether your company is concerned about compliance with local waste regulations, reducing and diverting waste in general, or has made a Zero Waste commitment, Think Zero helps set and accomplish your waste and materials management goals.

We are passionate about waste reduction and have deep expertise in waste management issues, being creative with solutions, and partnering well with our clients. Our client engagements span a variety of topics from going plastic-free, holding zero waste challenges, establishing a reusable or composting program, ensuring compliance with local rules, advising on packaging design, to creating plans to meet zero waste goals.

Contact us to see how we can work together to help you meet your waste sustainability goals.

Building Design Team Consulting


We partner with real estate developers, architects and building sustainability teams to ensure buildings are designed for current waste management standards and to achieve zero or low waste goals.

Waste Auditing

We perform a waste audit at your building or facility where we weigh and sort bags. We provide you with a detailed report known as a waste audit report, which gives you an accurate snapshot of your average daily and monthly waste generation as well as rate of contamination. By understanding what’s in your organization’s waste streams, we can collaborate on a plan for waste reduction and diversion.

Compliance Assessment Services

We’re experts on waste regulations so you don’t have to be. We evaluate your organization’s waste management operations and make recommendations on how you can become compliant with your local government’s regulations and mitigate your risk of inspections and fines.

Waste Reduction and Zero Waste Program Design

We will work with your organization to develop meaningful goals in order to achieve waste reduction and diversion, and create a plan for you to implement with easy, actionable steps. We'll design and execute programs in your offices or buildings by working closely with you and your team to outline your company's needs, develop a budget accordingly, and identify an internal group responsible for maintaining those waste reduction plans.

Training and Behavior Change Management

We design custom training and behavior change management programs to engage and educate your entire organization--from executives and staff, to facilities, cleaning and building management teams. For waste reduction programs to be successful, everyone needs to understand the organization's waste goals and plan, as well as local waste regulations, how their behavior needs to change, and why their actions have an impact. See a full review of our training services here.

Communication Development

We will partner with internal teams to develop communication strategies about waste reduction programs and policies to raise understanding and awareness for these efforts in your organization.

Donation Management

We will help you connect with donation partners who pick up gently used office items you no longer have a need for, such as furniture and office supplies, to make sure nothing goes to the landfill or incineration. Often your organization will receive a tax deductible receipt for these donations.

Certification Consulting for Businesses & Facilities


Earning certifications to showcase the authenticity of your sustainability program at your building or facility makes your business stand out. Our team is experienced in helping clients achieve certifications including GRESB, TRUE Zero Waste facilities, B Corp, and LEED waste audits, among others.

Zero or Low Waste Event Planning

We will support your organization in helping plan low waste events of any size - from a simple meeting to a gala -while still maintaining your waste reduction goals. We will work closely with your operations and event planning staff to create a protocol for all events to be zero or low waste, depending on your specific goals, and implement the plan including selection of products, systems and vendors that will reduce waste. If the event topic is related to sustainability, we can help find interesting and relevant speakers as well.

Sustainability Strategy & Circular Economy Advisory Services

We will work with organizations to craft sustainability strategies and plans that support business goals as well as ESG / Sustainability goals (primarily focused on waste and circular economy).  We can work across the entire organization or within a specific team to develop strategies as well as execute on specific goals. In developing strategies, we draw on our team’s extensive experience in strategy development and execution for C-Level clients at Fortune 100 companies.


Some examples of services include developing circular business model strategies that touch on all aspects of an organization’s business processes, supporting product teams in designing products and packaging that meet sustainability goals, and reducing or eliminating single-use plastic usage within business operations (including developing brand-appropriate customer experiences).

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