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Waste Audits

A Waste Audit is a snapshot of your building or office’s waste streams (trash, recyclables, and organics). We sort through your waste, then create a report that breaks down:

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Contamination of recyclables

Missed recycling opportunities

Potential for composting

Suggestions for waste reduction and diversion


Why Should You Do a Waste Audit?  

A waste audit will allow us to determine where your business is succeeding in their waste reduction efforts and where there are opportunities for improvement. We use this information to create a customized plan to help your business set goals, implement changes, and track progress.

We offer three levels of waste audits:

Visual Audit

We provide notes, photographs, and suggestions; we do not sort and weigh the bags.

Representative Sample Audit

We sort and weigh as many bags as possible in a given time period, providing notes, photographs, and suggestions based on that information.

Full Audit

We sort and weigh every bag of waste present; the report can be used for LEED or TRUE accreditation.

We take health and safety precautions seriously. Waste auditors wear PPE including goggles, masks, puncture-proof gloves, and coveralls to mitigate risk. 

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