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Donating Office Items

By Katie Gillespie

Another great way to celebrate Earth Month and every month is by donating your unwanted office items, including furniture, office supplies, and more.

Why donate?

  • Give to those in need while also keeping your items out of landfills

  • Save money from donation tax write-offs and by not having to pay to haul away bulk trash

  • Demonstrate that you are taking tangible steps to meet sustainability goals

What can be donated?

  • Office supplies (pens, paper, notebooks, binders)

  • Pantry supplies (mugs, plates, silverware)

  • Furniture (chairs, desks, tables)

  • Toilet paper

  • Rugs

  • Plants and flowers

  • Office phones and electronics

  • Non-perishables, produce, and other unopened/uneaten foods

  • Non-branded swag (backpacks, laptop cases, reusable water bottles)

  • and more!

How to donate:


If your office is in a building served by Think Zero:

  1. Take pictures of the items you'd like to donate and note the quantities.

  2. Send all the pictures and information to your PMO at least two weeks prior to the time you'd like the items to be collected.

  3. Your PMO will connect with our team at Think Zero to coordinate donation and collection.


If your office is not in a Think Zero building:


Contact local second-hand stores, charitable organizations, food pantries, or other organizations redistributing and repurposing donated items, such as:


Big Reuse (NYC only)

The Bowery Mission (NYC only)

House of Good Deeds (NYC only)

Material for the Arts (NYC only)

Raeri (NYC only)

Gotham Food Pantry (NYC only)


Habitat for Humanity- ReStores

The Furniture Trust (Massachusetts only)

Eco-Cycle (Colorado only)

or go to DonateNYC to find out where to donate your item (NYC only)

Happy Earth Month!!!

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