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Think Zero Home

Think Zero Home coaches households on developing a zero waste lifestyle, through practical goal setting and gradual implementation to help individuals and families achieve environmental sustainability in the home.


Starter Kit

DIY starter kit that guides you through the process of reducing waste at home, done at your own pace.

Virtual Session

Virtual session where we work with you to set and achieve your zero waste goals.

In-home Session

In-home session where we work with you to set and achieve your zero waste goals (NY Tri-State and Denver/Boulder metro areas only).

Interested in learning more about waste reduction and diversion consulting for homes? Email us at or book a consultation.

What we offer

Starter Kit


Low Waste Home Starter Kit

Are you just getting started on your journey to a low waste lifestyle? Think Zero Home's Low Waste Home Starter Kit has everything you need to make it happen.

Our starter kit will coach you through how to do a simple waste audit in your home, how to set achievable goals, and how to make changes to reduce your household waste.


Included in the kit are:

  • A goal-setting process to help you understand what you are looking to achieve

  • A step-by-step guide to auditing your household waste streams and collecting the data you need to develop an action plan

  • Simple purchasing switch-outs you can make for more sustainable, low waste products

  • Products you can make at home

  • Links and discounted pricing to purchase products directly from the kit


Our Low Waste Home Starter Kit breaks down how to achieve a zero-waste home into easy steps. Even the busiest homes can see less waste, overnight!

File Name: Think Zero Home Low Waste Starter Kit 2021

Type: PDF

Size: 7.94 MB

$45.00 $29.00

You save $16.00 (36%)

Starter Kit

In-home or Virtual Coaching

If you are interested in living a zero-waste lifestyle, but not sure how we can help. We understand that every client is at a different point in their sustainability practices. We will meet you where you are. 

Some clients may already recycle, compost, and purchase mostly reusable items, while some clients may have little experience living a sustainable lifestyle; our personalized consultations are designed to help clients set realistic, manageable goals for themselves and their families according to budget, comfort level, and ability. 

We can do a sustainability assessment either in-home or virtually, which includes:

  • Lifestyle questions

  • Purchasing audits

  • Waste and recycle bin review

  • Tally of single-use items

We use the information from these assessments to help clients set sustainability goals, and give them the tools and resources to achieve those goals. Recommendations include changing buying habits and methods of waste management. We can also conduct future audits to measure success. 

We want to support you in creating a zero-waste lifestyle in your home! We offer several different options for consultations. Choose what works best for you.


In-home or Virtual Coaching

1 hr 30 mins



Think Zero Home Follow Up

1 hr



Happy customers

Kaity C. - Super Helpful 01/14/21 - Low Waste Starter Kit

The Think Zero team is super knowledgeable and gave me suggestions in realistic ways. I love that they told me about ways they've made changes in their own homes. They've "been there" and it was relatable. Everyone needs to sign up for this so we can all reduce waste in our daily lives!

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