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Everyone from executives and staff to facilities and building management teams need to understand the organization's waste goals, what needs to be done to get there, and how much the part they play matters. We'll design custom training and change management programs  to help the organization achieve its goals. 

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waste reduction, diversion & zero waste planning & IMPLEMENTATION

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We'll help you define your waste reduction and diversion goals and develop a timeline and associated deliverables, along with team members responsible for each deliverable, to achieve these goals. We help implement the plan within budget, and get you the best results given your business' needs.  

Reducing and diverting waste can have a deep and meaningful impact on our environment by helping to reduce the use of virgin materials, lessen pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve quality of life in communities and even help people in need, while also improving organizations' bottom lines by reducing costs, increasing employee engagement and increasing customer loyalty. Whether your company is concerned about compliance with local waste regulations, reducing and diverting waste in general, or has made an organizational commitment to Zero Waste, Think Zero LLC can help set and accomplish your waste and materials management goals.


Compliance assessment

training & change management

Think Zero offers compliance assessment services and recommendations to get your company compliant with NYC’s new and existing waste-related laws.

We perform hands-on waste assessments and audits, from simple bag counts to sample assessments to full-scale audits. Our team weighs all materials, records all findings, and provides a detailed report with pictures and data to help our clients develop their waste reduction diversion goals and priorities. 

Communications around waste reduction and diversion goals is critically important in order to raise understanding and awareness for these efforts in an organization. We develop a variety of communication materials along with client's communications or marketing teams to be disseminated internally or externally.