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Refill Shops, State by State

Our team at Think Zero LLC is ecstatic to share the growing numbers of zero waste, refill shops opening across the country. These small businesses are giving consumers the opportunity to make conscious, sustainable purchasing decisions for their household.

What does it mean to be a “zero waste” or “refill” shop? In a nutshell, these shops stock products with minimal to no packaging, and allow customers to bring their own clean bags, jars, bottles, and other reusable containers to package the products to bring home. If a customer does not bring their own reusable container, stores usually have reusables on hand for purchase or ones that are donated from the community. Some of these stores pack their goods ahead of time in reusable containers meant to be returned to them and often charge a small fee for each container.

Products are priced by weight (containers are usually tared, when a customer weighs the container when it’s empty, so they only pay for the weight of the product they are purchasing). Refill shop products’ prices can be comparable or competitive to traditional stores depending on the product and the area where you live. We recommend visiting a zero waste, refill shop near you and have compiled a mini-resource guide by state!


Refillery LA Los Angeles

Zero Grocery San Francisco & Los Angeles


Nude Foods Market Boulder

The Balanced Exchange Denver

The Conscious Merchant Denver

JoyFill Denver

The Zero Market Aurora & Edgewater


Shop Joyfull Riverside & Jacksonville

Zero Orlando Orlando

Zuke’s Refillery Delray Beach


Aloha Sustainables Pahoa

Zero Waste Hale Maui


By the Pound North Idaho

Roots Zero Waste Market Boise


Eco & the Flamingo Chicago


Vintage Green Review New Orleans