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Design & Implementation of Waste Programs

The Think Zero team works with organizations to design and implement reuse, recycling and/or composting programs in their offices or facilities. We will recommend bins that meet the company's needs, and develop or tweak signage, including developing a budget, helping to develop custom or procure standard signage, recommending manufacturers, obtaining samples, and installation. We can recommend and negotiate with haulers and recycling providers for all or specified waste streams (such as textiles or e-waste). Think Zero also has experience with design of employee incentive programs to encourage sustainable behavior.

Training and Change Management Programs

Putting into place a new program will require training and getting employees on board with the organization's waste management goals.  We work with internal points of contact to develop and conduct trainings and implement change management programs to engage the entire organization so that they not only understand the organization's waste reduction/diversion goals, and how their behavior needs to change, but also how much their choices and actions matter so that they care.  We develop interactive and engaging trainings and customize them to fit with existing goals and internal communications.  In addition we develop communication materials, incentive programs and senior level messaging to help embed the new program. 

Internal & External Communications Development

Communications around waste reduction and diversion goals is critically important in order to raise understanding and awareness for these efforts in an organization. We develop a variety of communication materials along with client's communications or marketing teams to be disseminated internally or externally. 

We offer a range of services, all designed to help companies reach and surpass their waste and materials management goals. 

Compliance assessment services

We’ll meet with staff members who handle waste, walk through the facility looking at bin set ups, signage, and collection points for other waste streams. Following the walkthrough our team will make recommendations on what needs to be done in order to become compliant with NYC’s waste laws, including NYC rules governing commercial recycling, the commercial organics law and rules, and all others that may be applicable to your business. 

Waste auditing

We help organizations gain an accurate picture of the amount of waste they are generating on average on a daily basis, and the different types of materials in their waste stream so that we can better reduce and divert them. We’ll plan an on- or off-site audit, manage the audit process, bring in additional staff as needed to help, and record the types and amounts of different materials in your waste stream. This provides as baseline to benchmark from in order to develop a well informed waste diversion or Zero Waste plan. After the audit is completed, we’ll provide a report analyzing the results. We recommend implementing an on-going waste tracking system so that we can measure the amount and type of waste generation on a continuous basis.

Diversion and Zero Waste plan development and Implementation

We will help you set short-term and long-term waste and materials management goals and develop a plan with timelines and deliverables to achieve these goals. The Think Zero team will present the plan to leadership and management in order to work through any necessary adjustments in order to receive their full approval and support of the Diversion or Zero Waste plan. 

Donation Management

When a company goes through any type of transition, scaling up or down, moving office space or other, there's typically a great deal of waste. We'll help find organizations who will pick up these goods for donation and reuse, or recycling, to make sure nothing goes to landfill or incineration. If the organization receiving the goods is a non-profit we will obtain a receipt that our client can use for tax purposes. 

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