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Need help? Think Zero is here to help, we offer compliance assessment and will help you with developing and implementing new programs to bring your business into compliance with all of NYC’s commercial waste rules and laws. Contact us for more information. 

All businesses must now recycle metal, glass, plastic, beverage cartons, paper and cardboard. Certain businesses are required to recycle other types of materials such as textiles and yard debris:

·       New commercial recycling rules went into effect Aug 1, 2016. See the official notice for details.

There are two options for commercial recycling, depending on the private hauler your business is contracted with: source-separated recycling, or single-stream recycling. Speak with your waste hauler to find out which type of recycling they support. 

Is your business compliant with NYC’s Commercial Waste Rules and Laws?

New commercial recycling and organics rules in NYC mean that businesses may need to make some changes to their waste management processes in order to get into compliance with the rules and avoid fines. Property owners and building management must notify tenants, at least annually, about the recycling and waste management policies of the building, including whether the building has a source-separated or single-stream recycling program. Policies must be compliant with NYC rules and a copy of the building's notification must be available upon request by Department of Sanitation enforcement officers. 

·      New commercial organics rules went into effect July 19, 2016.  See the official
 notice for details and which businesses are impacted.